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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Sundry Expenses per Semester for International Students

Approximate number Per Semester




USD$ 971

USD$ 846-1246

Sundry Expenses

USD$ 424-700

USD$ 674

In total

USD$ 1395-1671

USD$ 1520-1920

Extra Fees

žInformation resources charge

žDiscipline Section assesses charges on the international students’ account for the corresponding insurance.

National Health Insurance (Please check with Office of Student Affairs for information regarding medical insurance)

    Ø  Until students are eligible to enroll in the National Health Insurance Program, they should purchase their own health insurance (for the first six months of their stay in Taiwan)

    Ø  Overseas insurance should be certified by a Taiwan overseas representative office in the student’s home country or the nearest Taiwan Overseas representative office.

Tuition and Sundry Expenses for Academic Year 2021-2022

žThe charging standard of tuition for the international students, NTUB, 2021 will be conducted in terms of the regulations of MOE (Ministry of Education).

The tuition and fees for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs: